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Our Themes are easy to install, follow the instructions below and you will be running in just a few simple steps with ONE CLICK DEMI IMPORT.

ORANGE is a multi-purpose, Business Divi Child Theme. ORANGE is our Best Theme by LoveDivi and all 6 Pages + 3 Blog Pages have been strategically designed, not only with excellence, but with your business in mind. We have taken the most important Divi Design elements and put them together in this Theme. We have also dedicated a whole page design called SECTIONS, which will also be in your Divi Library after download, to give you endless options in each of your Divi Projects.

That’s not all – we have included a second Home Page option, and a Light or Dark option footer – the choice is yours. Lots to choose from plus you can use this theme on any number of projects.

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This theme requires you to purchase the Divi Theme from Elegant Themes. We recommend a clean install of Divi before using this theme. Follow the instructions below and you should have no problems – but if you do, we are here to help: info@lovedivi.com


  • Child Theme .Zip folder
  • All JSON Pages
  • Theme Options JSON File
  • Customizer JSON File
  • One Click Demo Import Files
  • Read Me Details / License ©2019


Go to Appearance > Themes > and add new Theme

Having Divi 3+ installed is required before running this theme. A clean Divi install is recommended when using this theme.

Click Upload Theme > Choose File > and choose our Child Theme .zip file to upload – called ‘orange child theme.zip.”

Click Activate > and you will see your new Divi child theme activated and the original Divi Theme to the right of it.


After activating the child them, you will automatically be instructed to install the One Click Demo Import Plugin. This plugin will help you get up and running in just a few Easy clicks.

Open up the ONE CLICK DEMO IMPORT PLUGIN. You will be asked to import 3 files using the plugin:

  1. XML File that contains your new sites content ( Called content.xml)
  2. WIE Widget File which contains all widgets etc from the Child Theme (Widget.wie)
  3. Customizer .DAT File which contains all your new Customizer settings (customize.dat)
  1. For each section Click Choose File > and locate content.xml file in download and import that file. Then next you will upload the widget.wie file, and finally the customize.dat File. Once you have added all 3 files then click the blue button at the bottom called: IMPORT DEMO DATA (See Diagram Below)

CONGRATULATIONS! You are almost done. Now you need to add the following:


Click on the Import / Export Button (Up Down Arrows). Import and choose your new downloaded JSON Theme options file.

Once imported, make sure you click SAVE.

This will automatically add the ORANGE. logo from the demo (which you can change later)


To target the border around the GET IN TOUCH Button, you will need to find the Menu-Item-Number from your menu.
Go to View > Developer > Developer Tools to give you a screen showing you the elements of your site.

You can see in the demo the menu item was menu-item-432. Yours might be different, so what you need to do is open up your Child Theme CSS Style Sheet and look for the CSS code in the image on left labelled , Creates border around the …

You will see the menu item as being 432. You will need to change 432 to your menu item number. Wherever you see 432 – change it to your number. Make sure you only change the number and nothing else.
Then SAVE.

The bottom image on the left shows you how I found the menu item number using the process ablove.


  • Not too sure with CSS Coding? Not a problem – In your Child Theme CSS section, you will notice the CSS Code is clearly labelled so you can see where to change colours and many of the other CSS Edits.
  • You can also add the Customizer JSON File downloaded if you wish, but One Click Demo Import should have taken care of this for you.
  • If your Secondary Menu does not look like the Demo, check that your menu looks like the image below, with the correct areas checked, also make sure in Appearance > Menus > Secondary Menu – The Secondary Menu box is checked.

Well DONE! That’s It – your new theme should look just like the ORANGE. Demo theme. Now you can be creative and start adding your own content and images.

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